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Political analysis

We provide extensive and timely political analysis via conference calls as well as via our exclusive weekly newsletter. Our subscribers include a variety of Fortune500 companies and sovereign entities. Excerpts from our English-language weekly commentaries are regularly featured in The Economist, FT, Guardian, Bloomberg, Die Welt.

Field research

We complement our clients’ proprietary analysis via our insightful field research on political and fiscal policy issues. Our clients for field research include some of the world’s leading asset managers and macro-driven hedge funds.

Market penetration

We work closely with foreign investors advising on federal, regional and municipal threats/opportunities.


We have a solid track record of M&A advisory throughout all of the deals’ different stages, from early identification of non-economic threats/opportunities (social, environmental, political) to deal integration and post-deal streamlining/reorganization.

Legislative monitoring

We pride ourselves on providing legislative and regulatory tracking, identifying threats and opportunities for clients’ businesses. Our reporting system is explicitly designed to avoid information redundancies and allow timely reactions.

Regulatory impact analysis

We are unique in our capacity to understand the economic, fiscal, social and environmental implications of new policy provisions.

Compliance stress-testing

We work with C-level managers to achieve compliance with the law and alignment with best practice of their public affairs functions, pre-empt malfeasance and wrongdoing and review existing procedures. We have the ability to combine deep IT, legal (including criminal law) and privacy expertise.

Stakeholder mapping & engagement

With the help of visual mappings, we help our clients to identify, analyze and prioritize groups, organizations and people in highly complex policy environments. We regularly assist our clients in reaching out to relevant stakeholders, ensuring open and transparent communication.

Strategic communication and speechwriting

We are on our clients’ side to craft tailored messages, vis-à-vis policy makers and influencers, identifying appropriate messages and leveraging third parties.

Seminars & Events

We can leverage a comprehensive network of academics, practitioners and policy makers to design and rollout exclusive seminars on selected political, geopolitical and geoeconomic issues.


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