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Navigating complexity

Governments are increasingly challenged to react quickly to a faster paced global environment. This requires senior administrators to create policy actions and draft enabling legislation that impact the financial sector and real economy.

During implementation, political and regulatory risks add layers of uncertainty that obscure external assessments of likely outcomes, complicating investment and business decisions.

Foreign decision makers often lack the knowledge and experience to assess these risks, to identify the facts amongst the minefield of political misinformation, and are unable to judge where and how to apply pressure. Policy Sonar can lead business players through all of these challenges.

Understanding the political and regulatory environment is more complex and time consuming than analyzing economic risk. Economics is global. Economists operate globally, talk a common language and apply quantitative assessment methods.

Politics is different. Politics is local — really local. Politics is about history, culture, traditions and social structures. It varies at the local, regional and national levels.

Getting under the skin of the national psyche is difficult, especially for non-natives. Political risk in a globalized financial system is a complex force.